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Sep 29 2011


Here are some of my favorites competing in this years Inside design event, held this year in Barcelona.  These designers are truly brilliant.

Devi Ratn, Jaipur, by Aniket Bhagwat. image via yellowtrace


Alemanys 5, Gerona, by Anna Noguera. image via yellowtrace

Hostem, East London, by James Plumb. image via yellowtrace

The Waterhouse Hotel, Shanghai, by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office. image via yellowtrace

Sep 28 2011

Anthology Magazine

It is so much fun getting magazines in the mail!!! I got my new Anthology a couple weeks back and hadn’t had a chance to post yet. So I made a collection of some of their images from several catalogs. Enjoy and check out their online magazine. Great features, styling and stories. Love Anthology!

I want that crate…



I want that textured wall….


I want everything on that table…

I want the lamp over the sink… (squint, you’ll see it)

I want that mirror AND that chair… (Read the little art piece, so cute!)


I love my computer, but I hope print NEVER dies. I love magazines. LOVE them.

Sep 27 2011

Bye Bye Blueberries…

I have been making a concerted effort lately to eat things that are seasonal, fresh and local. So its out with the berries and in with the squash around my house. But I needed one last dance with the blueberries. I do love them so. I had a little blueberry tart with milk and coffee. I styled and a friend shot it so you could enjoy it too. Bye bye blueberries! See you next year! 

Sep 27 2011

Design Sponge

I am so excited to share… my house on Design Sponge! Go check it out! Below are a sampling of images that were featured, full story here!


Sep 26 2011


I have a new catalogue obsession. Toast! The clothes are beautiful, the styling is beautiful, and the locations are beautiful… I want all the clothes in this collection!


Sep 23 2011

Life is Beautiful

The simplicity and beauty of the photographs below takes me to another place.  A misty, dreamy, ethereal place. The photographer is a blogger I follow, and I love visiting her  page and seeing life through the lens of her camera. She sees so much beauty in life. And it is true you know. Life is beautiful…

All the lovely images via La Porte Rouge


Sep 20 2011

Feeling French, Movies.

I promised I would post about the two French movies I watched recently (I believe one is French-Canadian, but in French with subtitles). Both great. Especially if you are feeling artsy, moody, melancholy, longing, amorous — and French! Both are streaming on Netflix and both are visually and emotionally stunning. Enjoy!


Sep 20 2011

I Dig Flowers


I love flowers. Flowers make me happy. Arranging flowers is a meditation.

In a former life I worked in a flower shop. I actually wound up there out of a pre-life crisis. I was in my mid-twenties. Wanted to be an interior stylist, and was working two jobs plus assisting to try and make the transition. I was frustrated and uninspired. So I decided to quit it all, bought a plane ticket for Jamaica and had myself a soul-searching holiday on the island. Being near the ocean, waterfalls and nature really guided my decision, when I got back to Texas I  got a job at a floral design studio. I wanted to be closer to nature and natural elements, I learned so much there.

But after a year in the flower shop, my need to be back on set shooting and styling was too strong and I made the decision to get back in the styling ring. But I still have a real soft spot for flowers and I use them for shoots every chance I get. Anything involving wildflowers or succulents makes my heart skip a beat. Here are some lovelies for you to look at…

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

P. S. I’m working on a little succulent project right now. Stay tuned. I hope to have the results this week.

Sep 18 2011

Vintage Filing Cabinet Makeover

I have been looking for an old filing cabinet for some time now. And I found one, but it wasn’t exactly right. It was a little too… yellow.


I like yellow, but it didn’t really look like my house. So I decided to give it a little makeover.  First I cleaned it and roughed it up a little with some medium grade steel wool. I took the handles off the drawers pulled everything out and gave it a heavy coat of Rustoleum Dark Walnut in the satin finish. Then the boring part happens. Waiting for it to dry. I want instant gratification! After it was finally dry, I put the whole thing back together and admired the results. Only one thing missing. Tags for the drawers. I cut tags for the drawers out of white card stock and then did a simple tea stain to them to make them look aged. And voila! The final product.

Im happy with the result. What do you think?

Sep 18 2011

So Fresh and so Clean Clean…


I’m getting ready for a photo shoot at my house, so my place is kind of a mess. Im wishing it looked more like the house below right about now. So fresh and clean. But for now lets enjoy all the clean lines and contrast of dark and light in this beautiful Danish home.

images via: Decor 8