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Oct 13 2011


I bought some beautiful figs at the store the other day. A photographer friend came over and we set up a couple of shots. Figs are just so lovely to look at…



Oct 5 2011

I Have a Thing for White Floors…

When I first bought my house the floors were, well, undesirable. Only two quick fix choices could solve it. To stain them really really dark or paint them white. I decided to stain them dark and it looks great but now Im thinking white. I heard they are a nightmare to take care of. But maybe in just one room? Or as an experiment before I decide to pay for new hardwoods? I love the clean look of it. And it mixes surprisingly well with rustic elements. Here is some inspiration. What do you think? White floors are they wonderful or trouble?

all images available on my pinterest

Oct 5 2011

A Little DIY: Succulent Style

I made a little succulent arrangement. So easy. So cute…

Just get some terracotta cups and plates, turn them upside down, add glue, and paint it if you want to. And add succulents!

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Oct 3 2011

Lets Take a Trip: to Shanghai

I can stop obsessing over this space! I need a reason to get to Shanghai quickly and stay at this hotel. I love everything about it.

The entrance. I mean, come on! Look at that door. All the recycled wood, the textures. Amazing.

I love the modern chairs with all the rustic and industrial elements.

The chandelier and the vast spaces.

So much natural light and I love the concrete stairs.

Wow. Thats all I have to say…

Check this place out at The Waterhouse Shanghai  and I saw it here. 


Oct 1 2011

I’m Listening to: Ray LaMontagne


This morning is a housecleaning/dancing around kind of morning. Listening to the wonderful, bluesy and soulful music of Ray LaMontagne and others on Pandora. Perfect for this morning. Video below, enjoy!

Sep 27 2011

Design Sponge

I am so excited to share… my house on Design Sponge! Go check it out! Below are a sampling of images that were featured, full story here!


Sep 26 2011


I have a new catalogue obsession. Toast! The clothes are beautiful, the styling is beautiful, and the locations are beautiful… I want all the clothes in this collection!


Sep 23 2011

Life is Beautiful

The simplicity and beauty of the photographs below takes me to another place.  A misty, dreamy, ethereal place. The photographer is a blogger I follow, and I love visiting her  page and seeing life through the lens of her camera. She sees so much beauty in life. And it is true you know. Life is beautiful…

All the lovely images via La Porte Rouge


Sep 20 2011

Feeling French, Movies.

I promised I would post about the two French movies I watched recently (I believe one is French-Canadian, but in French with subtitles). Both great. Especially if you are feeling artsy, moody, melancholy, longing, amorous — and French! Both are streaming on Netflix and both are visually and emotionally stunning. Enjoy!


Sep 20 2011

I Dig Flowers


I love flowers. Flowers make me happy. Arranging flowers is a meditation.

In a former life I worked in a flower shop. I actually wound up there out of a pre-life crisis. I was in my mid-twenties. Wanted to be an interior stylist, and was working two jobs plus assisting to try and make the transition. I was frustrated and uninspired. So I decided to quit it all, bought a plane ticket for Jamaica and had myself a soul-searching holiday on the island. Being near the ocean, waterfalls and nature really guided my decision, when I got back to Texas I  got a job at a floral design studio. I wanted to be closer to nature and natural elements, I learned so much there.

But after a year in the flower shop, my need to be back on set shooting and styling was too strong and I made the decision to get back in the styling ring. But I still have a real soft spot for flowers and I use them for shoots every chance I get. Anything involving wildflowers or succulents makes my heart skip a beat. Here are some lovelies for you to look at…

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

P. S. I’m working on a little succulent project right now. Stay tuned. I hope to have the results this week.